Hi, I’m Weston!

I’m passionate about guiding students of all ages on their musical journey. With years of experience, I believe in a holistic approach that nurtures not just technical skills, but also creativity, confidence, and a deep love for music. 

Whether you’re picking up an instrument for the first time or aiming to refine your talents, my lessons are designed to be engaging, personalized, and above all, fun!

Let’s embark together on this musical adventure, where we’ll explore everything from fundamentals to advanced techniques. Uncover the joy of making music.

Start your musical journey today!

Client Testimonials

“Mr. Weston is fantastic! His wealth of musical knowledge, knack to make even the most mundane tasks fun, and his ability to connect with our 12 year old son, have made his (3 years & counting) journey to becoming a drummer easy and fun for all!”

-Wendy M.

Charleston, SC

“Weston is an exceptional music teacher for both kids and adults. He teaches multiple instruments (piano, guitar, etc.) and makes learning them fun and easy. Our son plays the piano most days of the week because he enjoys it. We all love to hear him too and are amazed at how quickly he progresses!”

-Michele M.

Daniel Island, SC

“Weston teaches you so well that by your first lesson you already know the keys. Also, Weston is so nice he makes you want to have another lesson. Weston has been teaching me for one full year and I can now play 51+ songs on the piano and I can read music pretty well.”

-Michael, Age 10

Charleston, SC

Want your son or daughter to learn songs they love?
Ready to finally learn your favorite instrument?
In-home. Virtual. The choice is yours!

Everyone is Welcome!

I teach all ages. I have extensive experience with children & teens ranging from 5-18 and adults of all kinds

Pick an Instrument

I primarily teach guitar and keyboard/piano. I also teach drums (in-person only), ukulele, and bass guitar! I offer songwriting, composition, and production instruction as well.

Personalized Lesson Plans

Everyone has their own way of learning, so I have ways of staying adaptable to learning styles while ensuring good form and building a firm foundation for my student’s musical journey.

Holistic Approach

While I come from a background of formal jazz and music theory study (B.A. in Music Theory), I understand the importance of having fun through every step of the process. This helps cultivate a life-long passion for music! 

Enjoy my
ever-growing library of exercises and need-to-know concepts for piano, guitar, bass, & drums.

My Sheet Music Library is a wonderful supplement to lessons, providing clear & practical goals. There’s also reference sheets for each instrument to print and save. Check it out!

Latest Blog Posts

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