-Who are you?

You can call me Weston! I have a dedicated passion for instrumental practice and musical composition. I earned my B.A. in Music Theory and Composition at the College of Charleston, where I also studied jazz guitar. I consider myself a composer first, using my instruments and practice to develop my compositions.

-What instruments do you teach?

I primarily teach guitar and keyboard/piano. I also teach drums (currently in-person only), ukulele, and bass guitar. I also offer songwriting, notation, & production lessons!

-What ages do you teach?

I teach all ages! I have extensive experience with children/teens ranging from 5-17 and adults of all kinds. Everyone is welcome!

-Do I need any prior experience?

No prior experience necessary at all! I’m happy to help beginners and experienced players alike.

-What can I expect from your lessons?

Lessons are subject to a student’s learning style, however, here are some things to expect: how to play your instrument utilizing an efficient muscle memory foundation, relevant music theory knowledge like reading sheet music and chord changes, music for your favorite songs tailored by me for your particular skill level, how to improvise and play with other musicians, and how to teach yourself songs and develop a healthy practice routine.

-What is your Sheet Music Library?

An extensive resource I’ve created for learning music theory and songs! It contains educational PDFs (i.e. “How to Read Sheet music”), popular seasonal songs, and “Songs for Learning.” These “Songs for Learning” are pieces that I’ve written that showcase an idea or technique while learning a song! I love this method since my students will have something musical to play while also learning a new technique. I will be adding new material regularly. The Library is FREE for anyone who makes an account!

-What sets you apart?

There is more going on here than just learning how to technically play an instrument. I remember the importance of having fun and leading with love as a musician and instructor. Everyone has their own way of learning, so I’ve developed ways of staying adaptable to learning styles while ensuring good form and maintaining emphasis on building a firm foundation for the student’s musical journey.

-I’m new here, how does onboarding work?

Welcome! You’ll start by making an account via the “Sign Up!” button on the “Lessons” page. If you’re looking for virtual lessons, select “Virtual” under lesson type after you have made an account. Since you are new, that button will take you to a form to fill out that includes your preferred time/day for lessons. I will reach out to you and once we get a time/day figured out, you officially become a Regular! Going forward, you will be able to use our booking form to book and pay for virtual lessons. If you are looking for in-person lessons, select “In-Person” under lesson type. This will allow you to choose a time/day from my availability and REQUEST to book a lesson. This will remain ‘pending’ until I review the request. **Currently I am only teaching in-person lessons in the Charlotte, NC area.**

-What is used to conduct virtual lessons?

I use FaceTime for those using Apple devices and Google Meet for all others!

-How much do you charge?

Virtual lessons are priced at $45 for 30 min and $65 for 1 hour.

In-person lessons (if eligible) are priced at $50 for 30 min and $70 for 1 hour.

For in-person clients, I also offer a student band program. If you’re interested, let me know!

-What is your cancelation policy?

If a lesson is canceled within 24 hours of our scheduled lesson time, the lesson is officially a same-day cancellation and will not be rescheduled or refunded.

If a lesson is canceled more than 24 hours before our scheduled lesson time, we will reschedule that lesson whenever possible during the month. The lesson will be stored as a credit for the next available lesson time.

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