My Work

Scraps (LP)

My debut LP was compiled using demo recordings of musical ideas from about five years of my life. The ideas were purposefully kept as ~scraps~ so the album is much like a scrapbook; using bits and pieces that are packed with meaning.

“Scraps” is a concept album best listened to as a whole. The songs are interconnected with recurring themes appearing throughout. The album was designed to be as transparent as possible, even when it was hard for me to do so. With “Scraps,” I attempted to represent a ‘snapshot’ of about 5 years of my life. It’s very much Weston!

Together, We Will Be (EP)

My first release! This record is about the necessity of putting our minds together for our race to survive and thrive.

I wrote about universal feelings and/or topics; the aim being to resonate with the listener and have them feel less alone in this world.

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